Located in the area of Nos, San Bernardo, south of Santiago. In this facility molybdenum concentrates are processed to produce molybdenum oxides, ferromolybdenum and chemical products.

In all its processes, MolymetNos uses cutting-edge technology developed in its own laboratories, and this has made it into a world leader in the molybdenum processing industry.

In order to maintain this leadership its plants ensure products of the highest quality for its clients throughout the world, managed with its characteristic respect for the environment and sustainability. Its capacity is in the order of 94 million pounds of molybdenum a year.

Of the total number of people that work for the company, which reaches a figure of around 1100 collaborators, close to 700 work in MolymetNos.

The main production units in MolymetNos are:

• Roasting Plant
• Gas Treatment Plant
• Ferromolybdenum Plant
• Leaching Plant
• Molybdenum /Rhenium Extraction Plant
• Pure Molybdenum Product Plant
• Rhenium Refinery Plant
• Metal Rhenium Plant
• Briquette Plant
• Copper Extraction Plant
• Electrowinning Plant
• Copper Cementation Plant
• Waste Water Treatment Plant
• Laboratory
• Administrative Offices

Its effective system of environmental management ensures complete care, respect and protection of the environment, guaranteed by the respective certificates and highlighted by several national and international distinctions.



Molybdenum concentrates roasting. Production of technical molybdic oxide, ferromolybdenum, high purity molybdenum chemicals and rhenium. Molibdenos y Metales S.A.
Camino Nos a Los Morros N° 66, San Bernardo,
Post Box 1974

Phone (56-2) 937 6600
Fax (56-2) 937 6653
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     MOLYMET Germany GmbH
     Niels-Bohr-Str. 5
     06749 Bitterfeld-Wolfen, Germany
     Tel.: +49 3493 6040-0


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